Elena Cass, Bookkeeper Meditatio Centre London

Elena Cass

Bookkeeper of The Meditatio Centre

Elena Cass is the bookkeeper for WCCM and works supporting The Meditatio Centre in it’s everyday life to ensure the smooth running of the finances regarding the bookstall, events and Meditatio resources. She is kept very busy indeed!

She is originally from St Petersburg, Russia but has lived in London for many years now. She is the mother of a young son, Elena is passionate about the arts and literature, particularly Russian literature of course. She is a brilliant, lively asset to the team and her support and work with the Centre is invaluable

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Monday-Thursday, 1-1:30pm UK Time

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Wednesdays, 1-1:30pm UK Time

All faiths and lineages welcome. To keep a strong bond with our community we offer this free daily in-person meditation and weekly virtual meditation. 

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