WCCM Meditation Timer App

The new version of the APP is a user-friendly and practical companion for those who want to develop a more contemplative style of life while learning to meditate. This includes a timer, links to daily and weekly resources, community news worldwide, information about retreats and online events, online and physical groups and all the other web resources of the WCCM.  A feeling of connection with other meditators helps the beginner keep going and also deepens the experience. It helps to realise the deeply personal aspect of meditation is also communal.

Meditate with us

In-Person Meditation
Monday-Thursday, 1-1:30pm UK Time

Live Virtual Meditation
Wednesdays, 1-1:30pm UK Time

All faiths and lineages welcome. To keep a strong bond with our community we offer this free daily in-person meditation and weekly virtual meditation. 

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